Our belief that Colorado wines can stand in the company of the great wines of the world has driven us to continue innovations in Colorado grape growing and wine making. We practice natural growing techniques in our vineyards and orchards: leaf removal (thinning) and canopy management, re-introduction of grape pomace as fertilizer, minimal natural pest control, measured irrigation application, and gentle hand harvesting. Our wine-making techniques are innovative as well: extensive cold fermentation with native yeasts, natural fining and filtration, exclusive use of stainless steel fermentation tanks, a mixture of American, French, and Hungarian Oak barrels for aging and select fermentation, and an overall philosophy emphasizing minimal processing at all stages. These now widely copied pioneering methods create our style of Colorado wines – richly flavored, highly complex yet fruit forward – which truly reflects their high-altitude origins.

Our Awards

Award-Winning Winery

Colorado Cellars Winery has won over one thousand State, National, and International wine competition awards (too many to list here)! We are perhaps most proud of the consumer voted

“Best Winery People’s Choice Award”… the only one of its kind ever given to a Colorado Winery!